How Can I Get Involved?

  1. Vote:  voting is your right and responsibility.  Do not let anyone talk you out of utilizing your power and privilege to participate in the governmental process based on We The People. Learn more about registering to vote
  2. Join a committee:  the 13th Congressional GOP has several Sub Committees that you are welcome to join and help with their efforts.  Some of our Sub Committees are:
    1. Outreach Committee – We like to plan and execute events that allow us to get involved in the community and seek to meet the need of the General Welfare and uplifting of all citizens.
    2. Finance Committee – This committee works on fundraising events to enable our delegation to financially support Conservative Candidates who are running for office.
    3. Election Integrity Committee – This committee promotes Voter Integrity and informs ways to ensure a voting process free of manual manipulation and irregularities.
    4. Communications Committee – This committee helps keep the Delegates informed.
  3. Become a Delegate: What is a delegate? Precinct delegates are liaisons between their community and the party they represent. All registered voters qualify to be precinct delegates. Precinct delegates are elected in the August primary election, in even years. They serve a 2- year term and there are no term limits. The official role of a precinct delegate is to attend, participate in and vote at four county conventions during the 2-year term. Precinct delegates may be elected to serve on a party committee or attend up to three state conventions and one national convention.  Precinct delegate affidavits are available now.
  4. Donate